Nothing brings us more joy than to create memorable experiences with delicious and highly-designed mini donuts. Take a look at some of our partnerships, projects, and upcoming events.

Making Preparations for PRIDE MONTH!

For donuts that smell and taste as gorgeous as they look, we created a floral celebration concept that marks Pride month with nature’s beauty. This donut uses flowers as ingredients to commemorate important Pride themes.

Roses – love, courage and beauty
Marigolds – positive energy and healing
Cornflowers – hope for the future

Birthday Celebration

Ours is a story of amazing connections.

It is about the magic that happened when a donut fanatic met a flavor obsessed pastry chef.

Along the journey, so many people have created a joyful combustion of talent and inspiration that resulted in BlissBomb donuts.

So when someone you know is “killing it!” or you just want to say ”I am thinking about you”...that’s the perfect time to drop a BlissBomb!

Joyfully Baked Donuts

BlissBomb founder, Dan, is a food branding fanatic who is hopeless in the kitchen. Before creating BlissBomb, Dan led consumer marketing efforts for many food brands like Clif Bar, Chiquita, Fresh Express and Albertsons/Safeway.

Our pastry chef, Tarran, traded in her Milk Bar R&D apron to create a new donut experience. Tarran is constantly on the hunt for fruits, nuts, spices and other ingredients that she sources everywhere from green markets to local craft breweries.

With both pastry and fine arts training, Tarran sees flavors as colors. She develops her flavor profiles “like a Pollock,” hitting her canvas with curated ingredients that morph into a culinary work of art.

In 2019 Tarran won the DONUT CHALLENGE on the Food Network’s CHOPPED Sweets Tournament.

BlissBomb is an LGBTQ-owned business and is certified by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.