Who brings you joy?

by Dan Stevens on March 17, 2020

Even from the moment BlissBomb was but a mere (mini) dream, we always knew we wanted the business to stand for something more than little donuts.

Before I left my job to start BlissBomb, my best days at work were those when we were killing it as a team. I’ll never forget the feeling of feeding off each other’s creativity, trying new exciting things, and encouraging each other to bring all the talents of our true selves to the table. I believe we’re at our best when we’re connected to people who enrich our lives.

The challenge came when I would look for creative, delicious, memorable treats to send my teammates to acknowledge their hard work and celebrate their wins. I wanted to send fun, bold flavors that were as joyful as their personalities. But so many treats companies are prioritizing softness, sweetness and color over taste.

That’s where BlissBomb comes in. Our baked mini donuts, bursting with intensely delicious and evocative flavors, are a great way to say, “you’re crushing it!” Pick the flavors they love, and add one of our hand-illustrated cards, with enough room on the back to say how you really feel.

We want BlissBomb to be about making mini moments of joy. And to us, those moments come from the people who inspire us, have our backs and bring us joy.

We look forward to dropping some bliss with you in 2020!